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Artisans of the 21st century


In Pataletas we are committed to the quality of shoes and to our customers’ health. Therefore, we produce all Pataletas shoes with high quality materials, supplied to us by national suppliers that, together with our team’s professionalism and experience, make it possible to produce shoes for the most demanding feet. Furthermore, all our employees and commercial agents will treat you in a close and professional manner.

In PATALETAS we make the difference thanks to our artisanal manufacture for every single pair in an assembly line, without using machinery targeted to mass production.


We preserve the artisan design tradition to create children footwear while bringing new technologies, new materials and focusing both on comfort and on new fashion trends in order to create our collections.


We keep traditional cutting techniques for each and every model, always using fine leather and first-quality materials.


Tradition, technology and expert hands get together in the processes of sewing and adornment of shoes.


Tacking of counters and hot-cold molding for a proper shaping of what will later be the support of the foot.

Lasting and finish

Section where shoes start to take shape over the last selected from a particular collection and where the sole is added using glue or sewing techniques.

Checking and packing

Our expert and tasteful hands are devoted to checking carefully all manufacturing processes, shoes finish, adornment and packing in order to obtain the final product offered by PATALETAS.

Parts of the shoe


Flexible, comfortable, non-slip sole, with a proper width to ensure stability and security for each footstep.

Middle Sole / Mid sole

Assembly insole made of absorbent cotton.


Insole lining made of anatomical leather, with high-frequency micro massage, treated with anti-bacterial components which avoid fungus formation and which is removable for an easy drying.

Leather covering

Leather cutting or covering from a completely natural bovine, ovine and caprine tanning.

Heel counter

Heel counter that provides children with more stability and balance.

Toe cap

Toe cap which protects toes.


Antomical lasts whose shape is adapted to children’s feet growth.

Usage tips

In order to preserve shoes it is necessary to use them in a proper way. In PATALETAS we want all our customers to be satisfied. Accordingly, we want to give you some advice so that you can keep your shoes in good condition.

  • 1-Do not wet shoes too much, since they are made of natural materials and the fact of wetting them may cause wear and tear of shoes.
  • 2-In the event that they get wet, we recommend leaving them dry outdoors, without using heat devices such as hair-dryers, radiators or heaters...
  • 3-Nourish shoes with natural creams so that they do not lose leather’s softness and hydration. When it is about SUEDE or DOWNY shoes, it is recommended to brush them with a soft brush and always in the same direction.
  • 4-Do not polish them with abrasive nor corrosive products.
  • 5-Choose the right Pataletas for each differnte occasion.

In Pataletas we manufacture comfortable shoes both for children and for their mummies. Therefore we add absorbent insoles with micro massage, treated with anti-bacterial products and removable for an easy drying in shoes targeted to the little and the naughtiest ones.

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