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Petit Style is a company devoted to the fabrication of child and youth shoes. It was founded in 1987, thanks to the enthusiasm of a shoemakers family for launching their own product.

Nowadays, its brand Pataletas is well-known, both in the national and in the international market, by the quality and design of its shoes

Its founder, Andrés Catalán, started manufacturing high quality shoes hand in hand with his wife in a small workshop in the city of Villena (Alicante). Nowadays there are some things that have changed; we have made a lot of progresses and we have adjusted our facilities to adapt ourselves to new times. Nonetheless, the way of producing our Pataletas is still the same; we maintain our artisanal and carefully-manufactured way of making shoes.

It is very important for children to use quality shoes during their growth phase. Hence the need of taking care of each and every pair of shoes, from the designing phase to the packing phase, so that children enjoy every day walking forward the future.

Our company’s aim is to create good and comfortable shoes, targeted to accompany children in their day-to-day life, without forgetting design and new trends. Our satisfaction and motivation exists thanks to the fact that more and more people enjoy while putting on high quality shoes, made in Spain, like Pataletas shoes.